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The book Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy was written by Suzanne Brooks-Pincevic specifically to counteract this wrong and damaging propaganda. We must use this extremely valuable and informative book for Croatia. The aim of Pincevic in publishi ng this book was to get its message to influential people throughout every Western country who, because of their administrative, media or business capacity, should have a good understanding of Croatia.

Britain and' the Bleiburg Tragedy concentrates on the propaganda war enacted for decades against Croatia by Serbia, the Communists and the West. In the first half of the book Pincevic paints a vivid picture of the recent war - condemning the West f or not only failing to stop the war but for contributing to the slaughter with the arms embargo it imposed. The second half of the book details the Bleiburg Tragedy and its connection to the recent war. She highlights this Tragedy as the focal point of the anti-Croat propaganda, where in order to buty its truth, revolves the worst of that propaganda. She explicitly explains how the two Serb-led Yugoslavias and Serbia itself brain-washed the English speaking world so well, that despite all that Serb ia has recently done, it continues to manipulate Britain, America and the powers of Europe. Pincevic's book leaves the reader in no doubt that propaganda, used by the West, has been Serbia's most powerful and destructive weapon against Croatia.

In her Epilogue Pincevic concludes that compared to the major countries of the world, who sit in judgment, Croatia did practically nothing to be ashamed of in World War II. Yet the shadow of World War II will always hang over Croatia until it stands up fo r this truth and casts the shadow aside. She writes that Croatia had a gallant army who fought against the brutal, ethnic-cleansing Serbian insurgents of the free state, that it had re-established after centuries of domination. Initially established as a force against the Chetniks in the first Yugoslavia, the Croatian army was forced to fight Communism and a second Yugoslavia. The only reason the Independent State aligned with the Axis forces was for self-presenration and so that they could carty on their own fight, in their own land, in defence of their sovereignty. They fought for the same reason as the army of today - solely for their independence.

Pincevic vividly portrays, with both brush and pen, how the Croatian army was despicably betrayed and died bravely fighting what was soon to become the biggest enemy of the free world - Communism - an ideal that, unfortunately, the majority of their count rymen were forced, or conned into. By annihilating the Croatian army, their families, the Croatian intellect, the clergy and all others that opposed him, Tito gained his Yugoslavia and the Serbs their potential "Greater Serbia." In order to keep Croatians submissive after World War II they were made to be ashamed of their name, their Independent State and their lost army. The name of the army was unjustly blackened to prevent Croatia ever rising again. So it was a huge step forward when Croatians finally won back their country and the right to be proud of their name.

However, for the future of Croatia it is imperative that the truth of the last 70 years is recognized. No other book tells this truth as explicitly in English as Britain and' the Bleiburg Tragedy and that is what makes its wide distribution so important for Croatia. YOUR SUPPORT IS VITAL FOR THIS TO SUCCEED

You can help to counteract this damaging propaganda against Croatia by circulating copies of the book yourself to those who you think need to have a better understanding of Croatia's struggles.

Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy

- is a tragic story woven around nine dynamic paintings.

A beautifully presented 80 page hard-covered book - it has 22 vibrant colour plates of the paintings which give a dramatic portrayal of Croatia's violent rebirth - a brief but profound work which slashes open the fabric of silence that has shrouded the tr uth of Croatia's past for the best part of this century. The author has combined prose, poetry and art to highlight the complicity of Britain in the last major mass murder of the 2nd World War, the horrendous massacres instigated by Tito and a totally un just stigma applied for decades to the name of the Croatian people by Yugoslavia and the Western world. She also highlights a century of genocide by the Serbs against its neighbouring Republics - culminating in the lost of hundreds and thousands of lives during the past 150 years.

Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy was specifically written to accompany two huge paintings by the author - The Betrayal of Croatia - Bleiburg 1945 and Operation Slaughterhouse - Zagreb 1945 and is in itself an extension of the art work. The book, and the paintings, are the artist's interpretation of events as told by well-known authors on the subject.
Suzanne Brooks-Pincevic states that her purpose in writing the book is
- "to tell the truth about Croatia - a truth hidden from the world and its own people for the last 50 years and thus gives readers in the west a better understanding of Cr oatia's rebirth. When compared to Serbia, and the major countries of the world who sit in judgement, Croatia did practically nothing in World War II to be ashamed of and a lot to be proud of. It had a gallant army who fought against the brutal "ethnic cl eansing" Serbian insurgents of the free state that it had re-established after centuries of domination. The army was despicably betrayed and died bravely fighting the biggest enemy of the free world - Communism - an ideal that, unfortunately, the majorit y of their countrymen were forced or conned into. "

..."Lovers of music, art, history and skiing are familiar with the
tiny, Alpine country of Austria but most likely they have never
heard of its small town of Bleiburg. This book, through the
masterful brush and poetic pen of Suzanne Brooks- Pincevic, brings
"Bleiburg" to life so that its readers will never forget it and will do
all in their power to awaken the consciences of those who must
know about it and must IN TRUTH AND JUSTICE undertake such
corrective measures that "th e Bleiburg Tragedy" will never be

John Prcela
Cleveland, Ohio 44121, USA
Editor-in-Chief of Operation

"I commend this book by Suzanne Brooks-Pincevic which
supports my research of the last 20 years by highlighting the only
last major massacre of the 2nd World War - a massacre which
remains officially unacknowledged and unatoned. The dead w ill
not rest in their graves until the truth is brought out and

Count Nikolai Tolstoy
Berkshire, England. Author of:
The Minister and the Massacres
Stalin's Secret War
Victims of Yalta

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